about the owner


facts about me :

~ firstly oke that is me


~ Nurul Hanim binti Miskun
~ born on 15th July 1989 / 12 Zulhijjah 1409
~ live at Yong Peng, Johor
~ have 6 siblings and i'm the third 
(have a sister, a brother, 2 younger sisters and a younger brothers)
~ now still studying at UPM

information lebih-lebih  (if taknak tau pon takpe) :

~ i'm family based oriented! 

-miss them so much-

~ like disturbing others
~ manja (only when i feel secure). not gedik oke.
~ single but not available 
~  having split personality : differ at home and with other people 
(kdg2 lembut, kdg2 garang ; kdg2 senyap, kdg2 byk ckp ; kdg2 baik, kdg2 nakal & degil)
~ like to observe people (kdg2 sampai org perasan. malu weyh!)
~ suka berangan

~ addicted to k-pop groups & band
~ like watching k-pop music videos
some of my favourite . . .

cnblue : love light

beast : bad girl

super junior : superman, a-cha,

super junior : no other
dll. banyak sangat lorh. ^_^

~ like studying ??? emmm.... suka tapi malas. -_-
~ blue lover!

~ suke senyum tapi kadang-kadang orang yang tak dikenali akan kata saya sombong. but try to be friends with me and then you will know the truth. 

~ lastly, some people said that i'm cool and can handle the situation. truthly, i'm fragile. 
but i like try to think positively and looking something on the bright side. 

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