Wednesday, October 19, 2011

cabaran teh tarik! kau ade?

assalamualaikum... hey guys!

have u heard about that kind of challenge? actually it was a kind of competition that require the participant to know and have the skill on tarik-tarik teh. hehe... interesting right? my three beautiful and skilful friends a.k.a. NANA, YANA & SAL took part on the competition. they entered the competition as a group called Cadbury Crew. so sweet and sexy right. haha....

hey wait the minute! what about me? jeng jeng jeng.......................
because i'm special and limited, they choose me as their manager (haha tolong tengok je pon). we were very excited but because of time limit and other commitment as a student, my friends only having their discussion and practice one night before the day of the competition. everything was done on that particular time only. they are awesome! they start practicing at 12 midnight and only stop around 3 o'clock. MORNING already! it was 7 hours before the competition and it was the only time for them to have rest.
during the practice, my job was only looking and clicking the button on the laptop. so its like START-PAUSE-STOP. it was easy to be a manager lorh. only manage the music and technical side. haha. oke stop babling and talking nonsense. =_=

oke lets feel the day~

sal, yana and nana

they were preparing for the competition.

remembering the step. level of nervousness keep increasing.

unfortunately, there were no pictures during their turn. it was because we did not want to just pictured the performance but we want to record it so that we can see the whole performance again. so, i'm the one who recorded it. sampai lenguh-lenguh tangan weyh-pegang that big and heavy DSLR for about 4 minutes. alahai..... @_@

but sorry i cant upload the video here. hoho...

lets see other group's performance~

oppss! forgot to tell u lorh. only 4 groups participate in this competition. haha.
we did not know the result yet but praying that my friends will get the first place. amin.... even though there might be some crisis which i dont want to mention it here, but i really hope that they will win. the result will be announced today on the majlis penutupan pesta konvo. its tonight! 

but lets forget about that first. now its "snap-snap activity"! 

bright face after the performance~


sponsored by dairy champ~

at last! its me~

with the contestants~

look at our back~

with A&W mascot~

with nisak, our coursemate~

oke my turn as photographer. sorry its blur~

haha tetibe kan. they are the referees for paintball competition. style lorh~

nana and cik anis. our college's president a.k.a our course mate also~

tired but happy face~

eating the burger. sponsored by A&W. makan dik jangan tak makan~

so after about 3 or 4 time went around the bukit ekspo, the tiredness push us to go back. we went back with the tiredness and also the hope on winning the cabaran teh tarik. for me, its a precious experience and i give my solute for my friends who were very brave and confident to participate in the contest. awesome girls!

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