Sunday, October 16, 2011

oke i'm back!

hey! hey! hey! assalamualaikum!

suddenly, at this pagi bute time, i'm eager to remake my blog! woah hopefully its not like hangat2 tahi ayam oke. i really want to my story but i'm not a good narrator when it come to face to face interactions. like story telling lah. so i 'm using this blog medium to tell others about what i feel and think. maybe from this method, i can share my story which might give some benefit to others. hehe..

but give me time to make my blog more attractive oke. sory i'm not expert in making a blog. wiwiwiwi...

p/s : trying to write in english in order to improve my english language. now its english generation! T_T 
but still mixing the languanges. hey i'm still learning lorh.... ^_^

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