Wednesday, November 9, 2011

do we???

at this time, this one question is only for "you" :

"do we have to contact each other again?"

after deep thought, i feel that there is no reason why we should contact each other again. I'm not mad at you. but i don't like you any more. i have my own life, and so do you. at the first place, its you who make things worst. i had given you chance to change but then you yourself who spoilt it. and after more than 2 years, i don't think i can accept you more than just a friend. yes i don't know your real intention. maybe you just want to have better friendship with me after what you have done. but please! please stop using words that are not supposedly said by a friend. but for me, whatever reason it is, i don't think we have to contact each other again. don't make me think back about the past. or else many more questions will be given for you to be answered! 

~emotion have taken my body. give me back my body~ 

p/s : don't ever make a girl cry. even if she forgive you, she will still remember it for her whole life.

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